Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DFW doesn't know his anatomy?

In reading the section w/ the AFR's impaling of Lucien w/ his beloved broom it bothered me that DFW might have describe an anatomic impossibility.

"... and as the culcate handle navigates the inguinal canal and sigmoid with a queer deep full hot tickle and with a grunt and shove completes its passage and forms an obscene erectile bulge in the back of his red sopped jons..."

So in my mind's eye the broom navigates, from top to bottom, Lucien's mouth, esophagus, stomach (maybe) and at some point punctures his stomach traveling through his abdominal cavity and probably puncturing all sorts of things (intestines, colons, etc) and then finally sort of penetrating out of his back side/anus region. The sigmoid, assuming he means the sigmoid colon (the only anatomical sigmoid I've learned so far) part makes sense, it's the last part of the colon before it becomes the rectum and then anus and it's located in the posterior region of the abdominal cavity, but the inguinal canal is in the anterior region of the abdomen, it's the canal that the arteries, veins and vas deferens (as well as the cremaster muscle) travel through to reach the scrotum/testes. There's really now way that a straight line could be drawn between the terminus of the esophagus, the inguinal canal and the sigmoid colon.

Cool, but unhelpful anatomical textbook images Below.

Oh well, maybe I'll actually learn all the drugs he talks about at some point too.


Tim said...

pix plz.

SupposedlyFun said...

2 things on the drugs he talks about: (maybe this is a post, not a comment, but I don't feel like looking up actual factual links at the moment): 1. pretty early in the book, DFW says that the anxiolytic Buspar is a benzodiazepine. I think it's not...I have a psychopharm text inches away from me at the moment, but see earlier comment. 2. The Peemster's favorite, Tenuate, I bet doesn't actually exist, but is a play on the word "attenuate." Maybe I'll look some of this up....