Thursday, February 26, 2009

metempsychosis links

So, I may have mentioned this in passing, but I am an intense and unashamed fan of the show LOST (CT-style, I should note that I'm clearly a little ashamed, since I'm getting all defensive about how unashamed I am, and should really say that I don't want to be ashamed, because, seriously, it's a great show.) As a rather hardcore fan, I have this little ritual for watching each new episode: I watch it on my laptop the day after it comes out, and then I read Entertainment Weekly's recap and comments on the episode (and then I start on the podcasts...sort of kidding...) which are written by this dude who as far as I can tell just watches Lost for a living (talk about dream jobs), and loves to chase down every possible reference and resonance in the show. In this weeks recap, I came across reference to a newly familiar word: METEMPSYCHOSIS. This is noteworthy (if it is noteworthy) not because of the coincidence of my coming across the word in two things I love, but because the professional Lost-watcher was discussing this word in the context of Ulysses, where I guess Leopold Bloom is obsessed with it. We haven't talked about IJ and Joyce, I don't think, and I have only read Portrait of the Artist, so I'm unqualified, but are there any resonances between the two?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009